Where to Get Help

888-373-7888  National Human Trafficking Resource Center   Text HELP to BEFREE

800-THE-LOST  National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

800-RUN-AWAY National Runaway Safeline


Protect your child from sextortion

Legal help in cases of non-consensual distribution of sexual images.

How to report child exploitation

If you see a young person on the street soliciting sex, do not approach the child.  Go to a safe place where you can see the child as their exploiter may be watching them.  Then call 911 and tell them that you know the child is a minor and that you believe they are being “commercially sexually exploited”.  Provide details: time, exact location, descriptions of the child and suspected exploiters and vehicle picking up the child.   

You can also report suspected self-selling or trafficking to your school principal, nurse, counselor or police.

Report suspicious activity.  You are not snitching.  You may be saving someone’s life.