Government Research

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California Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking

U.S. Department of State Trafficking in Person’s Report 2014

U.S. Department of Justice Human Trafficking Report, 2010

National Colloquium Report 2012

Study of HHS Programs Serving Human Trafficking Victims 2009

Human Trafficking Into and Within the United States – A literature review

U.S. Department of Justice – Raising Awareness About Sexual Abuse Facts and Statistics

President’s Interagency Taskforce to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

California Child Welfare Council – Ending CSEC – A Call for Multi-System Collaboration in California, 2013

California Department of Justice The State of Human Trafficking in California, 2012

California Alliance to Combat Slavery and Trafficking Taskforce, 2011

Louisiana Human Trafficking Report 2014

Academic Research

Study of sex workers and pimps reveals how the market for underage sex actually operates.

Conflict and Agency among Sex Workers and Pimps: A Closer Look at Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking, Journal of the Academy of Political and Social Science

Research to Action: Sexually Exploited Minors (SEM) Needs and Strengths. 2012, WestCoast Children’s Clinic

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the US, Canada and Mexico, University of Pennsylvania, Estes & Weiner, 2002

Pathways into and out of commercial sexual victimization of children: understanding and responding to sexually exploited teens. 2009.

The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in NYC, 2008

An ECPAT-US discussion paper about the lack of recognition of the commercial sexual exploitation of boys in the United States. 2013.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Key Facts

Sexually Exploited Boys

Demystifying the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys – Our Forgotten Victims.  Jodie Gummow

Internet Studies

Cox Teen Internet Study   2009-teen-survey

Covenant Eyes Pornography Statistics

Exploiters and Sex Buyers

Victims to Victimizers: Interviews with 25 Ex-Pimps in Chicago, DePaul College of Law 2010

Comparing Sex Buyers Report 2011

Percentage of Men (by country) Who Paid For Sex At Least Once.


Prostitution Research and Education, Melissa Farley

Human Trafficking Research  Shared Hope

10 Surprising and Counterintuitive Facts About Child Sex Trafficking

Labor Trafficking

National Institute of Justice: Thirty percent of San Diego Migrant Laborers Experience Trafficking Violations.