Learn how your favorite brands relate to trafficking and other labor abuses.  Free2Work app provides consumers with information on forced and child labor for the brands and products they love.

Free2Work is a project of NotForSaleCampaign.org

From Free2Work.org
“Free2Work provides consumers with information on how products relate to modern-day slavery. Through the site you can learn how your favorite brands are working to address forced and child labor.  You can additionally access in-depth information about industry issues through our industry pages and news feeds, and you can learn more about trafficking and supply chains through our blog posts.

The global slave trade is complex, and product supply chains remain opaque, making it difficult for even the most informed consumers to know how their purchases are connected to labor abuses.  Today, brands are more aware of potential issues within their supply chains.  Many work with a wide range of initiatives such as monitoring and certification programs to attempt to assure consumers that their products do not violate worker rights.  The plethora of approaches is extremely confusing for busy consumers who seek an answer to the simple question, what is the story behind my products?

There is a tale behind each barcode.  Most products travel through various parts of the world and through many hands before they reach us.  Our goal at Free2Work is to shed light on this process.  We aim to empower consumers with information about the likelihood that products are made with forced or child labor.   Free2Work conducts extensive research before assigning grades on a scale of “A” to “F” to each brand.  We look at company efforts in four main categories: policies, monitoring, transparency, and worker rights (see What do the Ratings Mean? for more information).

Additionally, Free2Work is continually engaged in dialogue with companies about their supply chain practices.  For companies seeking further resources, we are currently creating Industry Best Practice Reports, to be released in 2012.  Each report will reveal the industry’s performance on key Free2Work indicators, highlight best practice leaders, and call attention to areas of needed growth.

Free2Work is a strategic tool that promotes transparency in supply chains, empowers consumers to make informed decisions, and mediates communication between consumers and companies.”