Recruitment Tactics

Gorilla Pimp

Romeo Pimp

CEO Pimp™*

Uses force (kidnapping, violence, drugs, blackmail) to overpower prey.Uses charm, gifts, and flattery to romance prey.Uses money and business strategies to swindle prey.
 Target Prey:
Teens at a party, the mall, on social media… anywhere lackingresponsible supervision.
Target Prey:
Girls looking for love or acceptance. Runaways. Sweet and naïve young men and women.
Target Prey:
Aspiring models and entertainers, especially naïve young women away from home.
 “Come party with me.”
“Don’t tell anyone where you’re going.”
“If you don’t do what I say I’ll post these (naked or embarrassing) pictures of you all over the Internet.”
“I love you.”
“Nobody else understands me.”
“I’ll give you everything you deserve.”
“I can’t live without you.” “Dream with me.”
“I’m an agent. You have what it takes to make it in this industry. Trust me”
“This is strictly business.”
“I can make you rich.”
“Fill out this form” (personal information)
What to Watch For:
Men 18+ who hang with younger girls. Overly friendly girls (recruiters) who persistently invite other teens to party and drink/drug with them.
What to Watch For:
Guys who fall in love too quickly. Guys or girls (recruiters) who encourage teens to run away from home, promising a happier life.
What to Watch For:
Men who flash cash and promise stardom. ‘Agents’ who are too pushy. ‘Agents’ who want bikini or “artistically nude” photos.


Intimidation & Threats:
Pimp “breaks” the victim by letting her know he’s dangerous– beating, raping, yelling, showing weapons, etc. He threatens to hurt her and her loved ones.
Control & Isolation:
Pimp keeps the victim close and makes her dependent by calling constantly, moving her in, taking money away, monitoring her moves, etc.
Psychological Manipulation:
Pimp acts friendly sometimes, apologizes after abuse, promises that things will get better, calls victims “family”, makes victim think she’s damaged goods and purposed for a life of trafficking.

If you or someone you know may be involved in sex trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-3737-888.

(All calls are confidential)


 Signs of Vulnerability

Uneducated about domestic sex trafficking and pimp tactics
Unstable home life
Previous sexual abuse
Desperately seeking love or acceptance
Shares personal information on social media
Glamorizes stars who glorify casual promiscuity, e.g. Nikki Menaj, Lady Gaga

Signs of Grooming

Gifts, especially cell phone
Sudden changes in sexuality, dress and/or attitudes toward sex
Secrecy when a particular person calls
Seemingly heavily influenced by a new friend or boyfriend that she doesn’t want anyone to meet
Truancy from school or nights away from home

 Signs of Trafficking

Self-Isolation (physically or emotionally)
Tattoo of a name or a money-related phrase/ image Sexually explicit photos on social media
Chronic truancy from school or running away from home

If you or someone you know may be involved in sex trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-3737-888.

(All calls are confidential)

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